Four Tips for Storing Chinese Herbs

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Once you've purchased wholesale Chinese herbs, you'll want to take steps to protect them. Learn four steps to take to preserve their potency.

Herbs of all kinds require different storage techniques to retain optimal effectiveness. This is true for those fresh herbs you've harvested from your garden and the expensive herbs you purchased from that trendy boutique. It is definitely true when you've invested in wholesale Chinese herbs that you hope to use to improve your health. While you might be able to keep a bunch of freshly cut cilantro in a vase of clean water on your counter, you'll have to go to a little more effort when storing dried Chinese herbs. Take a look at a few of the best techniques.

Guard Against Moisture

When you're careful with your herbs, you may be able to keep them on hand for up to 18 months. This is a great money-saving advantage if you like to purchase wholesale Chinese herbs for your healthcare. One of the most important elements of appropriate storage is to keep the herbs dry. A good quality storage container is vital for holding any dried herbs. You'll also have to be sure that any utensils that come into contact with the herbs are dry. Is your measuring spoon a little moist? If it is, you'll introduced moisture to your container and your herbs will go bad. Even a tiny bit of moisture can lead to mold.

Choose Airtight Containers

Next, be sure to store your herbs in an airtight container. Many people prefer to use glass because it doesn't pick up odors and moisture as much as plastic is prone to do. Metal and plastic containers could also affect the flavor of some types of herbs. Glass containers do an excellent job at providing the airtight seal that you need. Without that seal, you may begin to notice that your herbs are giving up some of their potency to everything you have stored next to them. You might also notice that your herbs are soaking up the flavors and odors of items in the same vicinity. Play it safe and use the best airtight containers you can find.

Find a Cook, Dark Storage Location

It is also important to keep your containers in a cool, dark location. Both light and heat can affect the medicinal properties and health benefits of your herbs. After you've invested in bulk quantities of any herb, you'll want to be sure that those leaves, flakes, and powders are stored appropriately. You should find that this will keep the herbs good for anywhere between a year and 18 months.

Keep Them Accessible

Finally, you may want to be sure that your storage containers are attractive and accessible. You'll find that when you store your herbs where you can reach them, you'll be more likely to use them on a consistent basis. You might consider investing in some pretty colored glass jars. You'll want to look for colors that are dark enough to keep the light out if you hope to store the containers on your counter. Imagine how pretty and useful a row of colored jars might look in your kitchen. When purchasing wholesale Chinese herbs, make sure to plan your storage to last.